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7 Things to Remember about Your Greek Letters

greek letters1) Wear your Greek letters proudly.  This is the easiest, and one of the best, PR moves your fraternity can make.  If you are a high-speed individual, and you wear your letters, then others will assume your fraternity is pretty high-speed because of your association.

2) Your Greek letters symbolize years of tradition by thousands of men who came before you.  Don’t dishonor their contributions and sacrifices by being stupid while wearing your letters.

3) Don’t let your letters fade.  If they are on your house, take pride in their appearance.  Give them a fresh coat of paint each year to ensure they remain vibrant.  They are a reflection of your fraternity, and should be treated as such.

4) Understand what your letters mean.  Too often, the fraternity ritual is seen as just another necessary task.  Brothers have heard the ritual a bunch of times, and don’t really pay attention to the words anymore.  This is a shame.  The fraternity should always take the time to study your ritual to remember the importance of your letters.

5) Be sure to pass your letters on.  One of my best fraternity memories was being given my first set of letters by my fraternity big brother after initiation.  To me, they were the reward that I spent months to achieve.  It is an honor to share this gift with a new brother.

6) Should girlfriends be allowed to wear your Greek letters?  To be honest, I am not really sure.  Both sides of the argument are compelling.  One side says it is a great PR move, the other says it is a brother’s only right.  I’d love to hear your comments on this question.

7) Alumni brothers – give your shirts away!  I admit, I have been guilty of hoarding a treasure trove of Greek letter shirts in my closet.  They hadn’t been worn for years, but I could not throw them away.  They meant too much to me.  Eventually, though, I realized they would mean more to an undergraduate brother who would actually wear them.  Old guys – let them go!